Ошибка p0743 subaru

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I can't get a hold of anyone at WIT, i called 5 times and left a message but no luck. Does anyone know if they are still in business or another place to get the repair kit? Thanks

John Laine 08.10.2017 - 07:20

I have problem with my car it's 2007 hyundai santa fe and the problem is with transmission stock on 3.. should be same problem??thanks

Ali Hamzah 28.10.2017 - 05:10

i have had this problem and was told to replace tranny. the car has done over 280K kms so not worth the repair money by trans shop. i have had the car run without OD for some time. but seeing this video, i may attempt to do it myself. thanks for the video.

Vishwesh Soni 20.11.2017 - 01:04

hey thanks for posting this video I used it and it worked great. I am now getting a p0733 and a p0732 code after about a year I was wondering if you could give your opinion on what this could mean I need to do

jpgarrison10 03.12.2017 - 01:38

great video

Timpriss Fort 26.12.2017 - 19:23

It works . The man knows what he is talking about. In two hours I was rolling. Great video , super helpful, and just 17 and elbow grease to install . Thanks

Cohan Tannehill 17.01.2018 - 01:13

can I take it to you to fix mine?

ismael marte 16.02.2018 - 04:57

I still need to pull codes, but mine also has no reverse. Is that related? or something more than this fix?

Sterling Wall 06.03.2018 - 21:41

04 Hyundai accent same code P0734. Hard shift from 1st to 2nd, would not shift passed 2nd and would not return to 1st when coming to a stop unless vehicle is shut off. thanks for the video, it was excellent. exact same damage in trans. Now just waiting on kit from WITTRANS.

Evin Rubio 25.03.2018 - 09:47

I have a Ford windstar van, and I get this code from time to time. something about my 4th gear having incorrect ratio. I'm getting recurrent hard shifting when the overdrive light flashes. what to do, what to do....

Trinexx007 20.04.2018 - 20:04

Bought an 07 accent with 134k. previous owner NEVER changed the fluid. I put new sp-III in it and now it pulls the p0734 and gets stuck in 3rd. But only when it's cold. I'll drop the pan and see what's up.

66cc Fury 06.05.2018 - 15:27

First of all awesome video very helpful and informative very detailed Thank you for taking the time and doing it I am thinking of doing this but I do have a question and am hoping you might be able to help. I have a 2000 Elantra gls wagon, and am getting the p1624, p0733 and p0734 codes do you think this might be able to help? I have recently replaced the output shaft seal because it was leaking pretty bad. When doing so it was destroyed it came out in 3 pieces totally blown out Once I did that the leak stopped and it wasn't leaking for long before replacing it . But now the car seems to not want to shift passed 2nd gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance

The AppernessKing 23.05.2018 - 08:50

Hi Jamie I read right through the posts and noticed it was mentioned about you putting the spline in backwards to the transmission diagram. Is there any reason for this? Thanks Michael

Michael O'GORMAN 27.05.2018 - 09:08

Thanks friends, i, m from Brazil and your vídeo help me forgive my inglish, kkkk

Henry Castellamari 19.06.2018 - 21:18

I have a 2004 hyundia xg350l with the tranny not shifting properly and staying in 3rd sometimes, what do you think the problem is

Bow Hunter 20.07.2018 - 06:23

Did you have a clicking noise above 20mph under load prior to getting the codes? Noise goes away in neutral. I ordered kit and hope it solves my issues. Mine is throwing no error codes, just making a clicking noise. Not pinion or axles

W2ICA 06.08.2018 - 11:45

I have mine pulled apart now I don't even have a bearing there is that something new or was that already in the car?

Don Chappell 29.08.2018 - 23:44

Thank you so much for the info. Fixed my hyundai today and she was rollin. And the shop told me i need a new tranny Thank you again, knowledge is power.

Faiumu Taamu 14.09.2018 - 05:28

Great video Jamie

Christopher Dion 05.10.2018 - 15:53

Did the repair as described. I had to replace the output shaft as well because the splines were in terrible shape. 45. 00 for the output shaft apprx. 100. 00 for the entire repair, oil, filter, pan gasket, repair kit. I have since put about 3000 miles and car runs great Thanks for the video

Mark S 21.10.2018 - 06:12

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