Форестер субару 1999

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  • Опубликованно: 23.09.2017
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Комментарии (20)

Great vid, dirtcheapdaily just did one about lifted subarus too good to checkout

Joelyboyblue 24.09.2017 - 02:41

Hey please help me i m going to put left spacers on my subaru forester and i can t find where to get what i need

Thomas Dayson 25.09.2017 - 06:59

Браво! Добра работа! ! !

Инж Радевъ 26.09.2017 - 16:55

What brand rims are those? They look nice. Also what is the most biggest possible tire size you could put after the lift

Peter Bayadovskiy 27.09.2017 - 01:50

Hey i know its been a while since you have answered to this vid but i m about to put this lift in my subaru xt and just wanted to see if you need to compress the struts? Also do the trailing arms only go in the back or the front? Thanks for your time! !

Victor Anzueto 27.09.2017 - 09:05

Can you tell me what tire size you re running?

Aodhan Karlsson 28.09.2017 - 06:36

Did you have to do alignment?

Ob 15 30.09.2017 - 02:47

Wow the forester rear top hat bolts are so much more accessible than the imprezas

Thomas Huth 01.10.2017 - 19:16

So with this lift, how much ground clearance do you gain?

Braxtin Purcell 02.10.2017 - 08:23

Do you need the strut spacers on rear and front or just front only

Mehnlo 02.10.2017 - 13:04

Only for trucks? ? ? ?

El George 03.10.2017 - 14:33

Saludos ese levantamiento que le hicieron al subaru forester tambin se le puede hacer a un impreza? Regards the uprising they did to subaru forester also may do a impreza ?

Orlandosilvasanabria 05.10.2017 - 05:07

Would you guys want to help me lift my l? I have adf spacers and trailing arm spacers. I may need to send the old ones back as the kid i bought them off of bent the shit out of them

Angelo Bresciani 05.10.2017 - 19:06

Hey i have few questions about lifting your fozzy. As you can see my fozzy is lowered in the front bt i been wanting go go mudding recently and came across your video! Do you recommend any other brand besides sumo? Like gorilla or ebay brand? Did u need a wheel alignment after all of this? What size rim and tire are your running? Any problems with ball joints can u still hit hard turns or no?

Will Forester 07.10.2017 - 10:26

Looks awesome! So the lift spacers and the trailing arm spacers are both ? Or is one bigger than the other?

Trevor Ram 07.10.2017 - 15:13

Those the original rear struts or replaced them? What tyres are those? And size? ? Looks awesome!

Roodgeregeld 08.10.2017 - 13:17

Do you need the trailing arms or no.

Bmxmaster787 08.10.2017 - 17:50

What size tires are those? And did you have to swap the struts so that the tires wouldn t rub?

Worldwidebrandt A 09.10.2017 - 14:29

So you didn t have to compress the spring with these spacers? Looks like they just bolt onto the top of each strut. Now i understand why it costs so much more than other lift spacer kits.

Jake England 10.10.2017 - 01:03

What s the biggest size tires can you run?

John Campbell 11.10.2017 - 07:16

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