Рено меган 2 check steering

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Excellent fantastic video. This is how its done.

K G 21.07.2017 - 22:37

Absolutely brilliant instructions. I followed them fully and achieved success. Thank you very much as this has saved my purse and my car.

Ope Igbinyemi 22.07.2017 - 14:06

Thank you so much for this. It s a very good, well detailed video. I m having airbag troubles at the moment and judging by all the indications it may be the clockspring that is at fault, so i ll need to remove it and test it, and then possibly replace it. This video will be invaluable!

Benjamingoose 24.07.2017 - 01:37

You are a genius. Thank you

Abdu Pac 25.07.2017 - 13:42

Thanks, your instructions are very good. Saved myself a couple of hundred euro with this.

Peter Hamill 25.07.2017 - 21:36

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