Как работать с renault can clip

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So than option in cd, actualy update is in softwar files? You dont out any cd or anything actualy?

Autostop 07.11.2016 - 19:34

I have a ford mustang v, the motor was replaced with a mustang motor but they for got to change the ecu chip. Now i can t pass my emissions on the car. What should i do, buy a new ecu for a or have the old one updated reprogramed?

Vic Walker 08.11.2016 - 08:48

What is the purpose of this?

Autostop 08.11.2016 - 23:13

Hi. I have a modus with a steering fault in display. I have read its a commen fault in models. Also very expensive. We have tried to replace the computerboxwith an used one. But the start control kicked in because of the codes in the computerbox. My mechanic tried to recode the keys. It was not possible. I have seen you recoded the computerbox in a megane. Is it the same procedure in a modus and can we do that with can clip? Sorry for my englich. Great videos you make.

Gitte Pedersen 09.11.2016 - 15:36

Hi, where did u get the key extractor software? I can not find it online. Only one thats not activated. Thanks!

Ruben Vallinga 10.11.2016 - 18:58

Hi do you recomend to buy renault can clip and what version do you recomend

11.11.2016 - 22:03

Hi i have a problem with my megane. Dci. I change the injectors and i wrote it in the ecu but after one day the ecu lost the codes. Please help me

Balc Viorel 12.11.2016 - 04:16

What is the benefit for doing this other than fault finding? Thnx can i remap ecu in can clip

Electronix Hive 12.11.2016 - 12:18

Hi why did you choose to reprogramming through a cd rom?

Mohamed Mohamed 14.11.2016 - 08:59

Hi sorry for my bad english the only thing i did not understand it in this video is to enter the code what is the code or what is renault pin extractor?

Mohamed Mohamed 16.11.2016 - 00:24

Hi, sorry for my bad english. If for example i have an other injection ecu i mean from an other car cuz mine is dead can i adapt with this method to my car? Can i the vin code from the old one to my present one changing?

16.11.2016 - 16:50

I have a rs clio are software updates available via clip?

Drcrazyazz 16.11.2016 - 23:40

Lmsvvavr why did you made reprogramming? Was the ecu replaced or ecu software faulty?

Jakuzjelcza 18.11.2016 - 19:13

Where can i see if there is software update available for my laguna and what are the benefits of reprogramming the engine ecu? Thanks.

Diesel Parts 19.11.2016 - 11:14

Very informative thank you. Can you please upload a video explaining how to reinitialise the egr valve on mk megane s. I ve had an absolute nightmare with it. Thanks again

Finch383 20.11.2016 - 16:32

Hi your renault video is great! Do you know how to program renault cruise control speed limit? If you know, please ask for a video or explanation. I need the help of a professional like you. Plz.

Sang Jin Ho 21.11.2016 - 14:52

Nice video. Do you know if you can reprogram a renault ecu for more than times? ? ?

Kyros Granazis 22.11.2016 - 01:06

Hi lmsvvavr, i ve just changed the battery on my renault clio and i m getting a solid immobiliser light. Will i be able to use the clip software to put in my vehicle code?

Zooumberg 22.11.2016 - 21:51

Thank you for video what is ro? What the code reader software name where can i get software firmware thanks

Tex Ebrahim 23.11.2016 - 21:42

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