Размер колес на опель астра н

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  • Опубликованно: 03.02.2017
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Suits you sir! Not a bad looking thing. Not understanding why they brought this out when the gtc astra is still in production. I have heard a little rumour that they are bringing out a new astra vxr soon

Flight Sgt Danny Boy 04.02.2017 - 05:00

Why are everyone obsessed with the boot and back seat space? If this is a criterium, than buy a van!

Bonifacj B 04.02.2017 - 18:07

If you want to know what the vxr version will potentially look like, check out the buick verano gs. It is essentially a rebadged astra that will be marketed in china. Looks pretty cool!

Stephen Davis 05.02.2017 - 15:08

Yea i agree mat opel got it right,

Nisancashi2241 06.02.2017 - 05:32

Did anyone notice the number plate is live for vauxhall

Alexander Demetriades 07.02.2017 - 14:12

Carbuyer im cm to wooow we should be friends d

Sd Sd 08.02.2017 - 05:45

What if i pay for the on star services but dont pay for the wifi data packages, can i still use it?

Right To Censor 09.02.2017 - 02:25

Is mat working for carwow too?

Evoxpress 10.02.2017 - 15:33

Buying a vauxhall is the equivalent of going out and buying a bag of dog shit. Samething. Same quality.

11.02.2017 - 01:13

How good is the. Turbo hp? Thank you

Diego Camacho 11.02.2017 - 20:36

Your a twat

James Murphy 12.02.2017 - 07:00

Does this car generally has arm restler in rear, or only this one in video didn t have.

Bojan87M 13.02.2017 - 11:17

So, a little update. I have owned the car now for just under weeks and it s absolutely fantastic so far. There are a few irritating bits about the car, for example every time i switch the ignition on, the car starts beeping and screeching at me for a good minutes and the steering wheel is a bit uncomfortable on the hands, especially on long drives. I absolutely adore my astra, probably my favourite car that i have owned and i have had the likes of the golf, focus, series. I have the. Turbo sri and it cost just shy of grand, but i genuinely believe that it s worth it. If anyone is looking for a family hatch back that is child friendly then i would recommend the astra. The wifi is superb with the onstar system and the. Engine is cracking, lots of power and torque to play with!

Thejamieharper 14.02.2017 - 08:10

This is k while i still have g

Bojan87M 15.02.2017 - 01:49

How much would you be looking to pay for this?

Liam Irvine 15.02.2017 - 16:04

I ve just recently ordered the. Turbo sri and i genuinely can t wait to pick the car up, feels lovely to drive, so comfortable and well equipped but the mpg is a bit turd. The car was cheap enough and being the first vauxhall i have owned since i passed my test years ago, they seem to have come on leaps and bounds!

Thejamieharper 17.02.2017 - 09:16

Is that a sportage?

Reign 19.02.2017 - 07:28

Is vauxhall a part off opel?

Jj Tv 20.02.2017 - 01:22

Stupid english fuck! ! ! This car is perfect! I must say you must be a honda fanboy since you mention honda in your other videos. Overall, great video.

Rezboy90 20.02.2017 - 10:03

Focus or astra

Ryan Dever 20.02.2017 - 18:30

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