Ошибка p0420 mazda 6

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Remind me not to use your shop.

Jake Miller 26.04.2017 - 13:58

My husband has a cadillac dts and his check engine light come on. He took it to auto tech. They replaced the catalytic converter. The check engine light is still on, and has the same code as before.

Mary Curb 27.04.2017 - 18:48

Thanks for video. Hope you answer. I saw your computer graphs. But i don t want to put a cat in my van if the sensor is bad. Can t a bad sensor give false info. Therefore giving the wrong direction pointing at the cat. It s like dr. Takes blood pressure tell you blood pressure is very high after using stethoscope doctor say got blood pressure. Puts me on blood pressure with all the side effects just to realize when he takes it again with a different stethoscope his result is totally different. How to determine if its the downstream sensor and not the cat that is putting out those bad graph readings.

Scooter12368 29.04.2017 - 06:58

Nice video guys, keep up the personality. Makes the videos fun!

David Veitch 30.04.2017 - 22:28

Well, i have this code in my infiniti fx, about miles. Code came on first, when i change the oil to full synthetic, was on for awhile, and went off. I am driving like half and half octaine, and sometimes octaine gas, could that bring the code? Possible cause also could be bad o sensor, right? How about bad sparkplugs, i bought new ones, haven t put them on yet! Could bad sparkplugs bring this code too? What is the order, i should try to fix this, check o sensors first, then sparkplugs, and last, the most expensive, change catalytic converters, i kind don t like to do that, if it is not, absolutely necessary, right! Thanks, waiting for your response

Eero Laukkanen 01.05.2017 - 04:33

Bung spacer would it fix it bmw guys love them ounce they find the price on bmw cats

Marino Sanchez 02.05.2017 - 23:02

Your glasses make you guys look like fucktards

Trevor Beausoleil 03.05.2017 - 20:31

Can you pass an emissions test with a bad catalytic converter?

Julian Whittle 04.05.2017 - 22:54

Whats with the sunglasses?

Mark Proteegolf 06.05.2017 - 12:13

Could the installation of a air intake system could cause the engine light to turn on

Edward Zertuche 07.05.2017 - 01:16

If the cel is on for p, the oxygen sensors are working. Unfortunately! It would be nice to kill the rear o sensor, but i have found that almost never works because then you get different codes.

Jah0524 08.05.2017 - 03:49

I feel you guys have missed a few steps in your diagnosis of the faulty cat. Https www. Youtube. Com watch? V hfv ugzzr m audio is not that good, but if you persevere through it i m sure you will have a better understanding as to why the cat might have failed.

Lakisbouz 08.05.2017 - 18:52

Thanks for that very simple explanation! I ve watched several videos and none of them explained it very clearly. Now i actually understand what the hell is going on down there and have a better idea how to diagnose my car s p code.

Renragged 10.05.2017 - 09:12

What a couple of squids.

Edward Howell 10.05.2017 - 18:40

Everything presented during this presentation is technically and conceptually correct. I am sometimes confused that people with expertise take time to share their knowledge and conclusions andsomeone will post information that confuses the presentation

Tom A 11.05.2017 - 20:09

Bank or is considered what? Rear cylinder head or front?

Jose Hinojosa 12.05.2017 - 06:44

This is a reply to rafael rodriquez on his comment posted recently. First let me be the first to say you are wrong rafael. Please watch the complete video before making uneducated remarks. After the repair the post converter sensor reads exactly as it should. If that s all that needed replacing how did it magically start working after the converter was replaced? The diagnosis was correct in that the converter was causing the p and not the post converter sensor. These vans are known for excessive blow by and contaminating the converter. The long term fix would have been replace the rings or engine but this repair was intended to keep the vehicle operable legally in the sate of it s residence. Thank you for watching.

Autoeclinic 13.05.2017 - 15:56

You guys don t know what you are talking about! Here let me help you guys, its not the converter. What you need was the downstream oxygen sensor bank sensor. You guys really should not be in this field!

Rafael Rodriguez 14.05.2017 - 03:17

All u really confirmed is that the converter is not working, here heating up enough. U in know way will correct this problem by just replacing the converter, only temporarily, at best! Untill the contamination factor which is not even discussed here are properly addressed and corrected new converters on any vehicle, using this strategy with this codep or p will only continue to fail prematurely.

Jajupa78 15.05.2017 - 23:08

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