Лодочный мотор хонда 35

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Honda outboards are garbage! They have horrible corrosion issues!

Jon Doe 18.02.2017 - 23:57

Now honda marine needs to watch out for evinrude etec g outboards.

Godzillat6 20.02.2017 - 06:37

Good at jumping waves and everything

Top Chicken Lol 21.02.2017 - 02:17

I love mustangs i have a hp on my boat

Top Chicken Lol 22.02.2017 - 11:11

Hondas are extremely reliable, but they cost u a arm an a leg.

Fred Ford 24.02.2017 - 09:54

Aw royyyt.

Colin Gantiglew 24.02.2017 - 15:14

Can you tell me the height of the honda hp

Dusan Prodanovic 25.02.2017 - 12:01

Not cheap in australia, check with your local honda dealer would be the best, top motor and great quality, cheers greg

Reefari 26.02.2017 - 19:37

How much of this engine, and how much with the boat?

Xie Guan Pang 28.02.2017 - 01:28

Are the best motors out there. The us coast guard has ditched their hondas in favor mercs.

Dyno Don 28.02.2017 - 09:35

Mercury and yamaha have problems. Dang what lead paint and koolaid will do to the simple minded. Merc and yamaha

Dyno Don 01.03.2017 - 14:12

Honda definately seem to make quality products, and would rate suzuki and yamaha not far behind. Would also look at the new etec evinrudes, but haven t owned one, cheers greg

Reefari 01.03.2017 - 21:17

Honda makes the best strokes and evinrude makes the best strokes. I ve got a evinrude that still runs extremely well. I ve heard good things about suzuki as well, but have never owned one. Yamaha and mercury motors always had a lot of problems. Mercury engines used to be notorious for seizing after water pump failure.

Sierra688 02.03.2017 - 07:22

I agree suzukis are good to, but a outboards under hp is not practical to be stroke

Matthew Hill 02.03.2017 - 18:20

Honda are good motors, but also yamaha and suzuki, they re generally very reliable now adays, and with year warranties, can t complain. After having four strokes, two strokes will be history, except for maybe smaller tinnies, cheers greg

Reefari 03.03.2017 - 06:28

Honda make the best stoke outboards, where as yamaha make the best stroke outboards. Been proven time and time again. As i have had all i would know

Matthew Hill 04.03.2017 - 16:53

That s what i m talking about

Power 06.03.2017 - 12:04

They are top outboards, jason is very happy with his honda and never had a problem, cheers greg

Reefari 06.03.2017 - 16:59

Any problems. With a honda come on

Power 07.03.2017 - 23:17

They probably put on a too big or too small propeller on the yamaha. And that is also the old version. The new version is a fucking monster that eats evinrudes for breakfast

Theafrobob 09.03.2017 - 04:39

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