Хром на хендай элантра 2014

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  • Опубликованно: 06.11.2016
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If i install hids on this projectors how to make the fiber optic light go on?

Joe Doe 06.11.2016 - 23:02

Are these plug n play? Since they don have the halos?

Xavier Urbina 07.11.2016 - 23:32

Well i m glad to see someone responded. Thank you. But, i must be speaking a different language. If you reread my my post you will see i own a. That s hyundai elantra. Which is also what i have been telling carid! ! ! ! . And no one has ever asked me if it is a door, door, or a gt door. Or told me that it makes a difference! ! ! . Ok. I own a hyundai elantra gt. Which is a hatchback door model. Can you please ask your r d dept if they have developed a light fit net for my car! ! ! ! . Again. To clear up any confusion. I own a hyundai elantra gt which is a door hatchback! Please answer this asap as i must talk to carid about the return of the wrong ones! ! ! Thanks ross

Ross Tudor 09.11.2016 - 04:21

I dont know where to start. I ordered these headlight assemblies for my hyundai elantra from carid. When the box got here, it had the name of junyan on it. With a small sticker on it saying spec d. I am asking you this question as you have the video and i dont think the people at carid know what they are doing. Someone doesnt know. After doing an examination of the lights i noticed that the wiring to the lights of my car were different than the receptacle on the new unit. I sent them back and they assured me they would send me the lights for the elantra. Guess what. They sent me the same thing. Not the exact ones but with the wrong connection. Connections. Upon further inspection of the box i see that spec d sticker has. Made for hyundai elantra. No end year? I also noticed on the video that the connection on your lights and car are different than mine. So. Does junyan spec d carid make this light with the connections for a elantra? . I am really tired of this and want my money back, but i also want to know whay someone keeps sending me the wrong lights? ? Hopefully someone at specd will be brave enough to answer this and or contact me at my email. I still have to deal with trying to get my money back from carid and would like to know what i am talking about. Thank you. Ross

Ross Tudor 09.11.2016 - 22:40

Is there any new wire connections going strictly from the stock headlight to the new projector headlights or is it as simple as plug and play?

Phil Trujillo 11.11.2016 - 20:47

Your products are available in saudi arabia? ?

Danish Javery 12.11.2016 - 06:14

Will these fit a ? ?

Arvie Willis 13.11.2016 - 20:29

Do you have a kit for the elantra?

Jimmy Salen 15.11.2016 - 13:34

Does this fit with the model?

Richard 16.11.2016 - 07:06

Removing the front bumper is not necessary to change fhe headlight assembly. I had to change my headlight bulbs and had enough room to remove my headlights without removing the bumper.

Mathieu Lamarre 16.11.2016 - 16:12

Looking into lights right now srongly thinking about going with these.

Powercordz 17.11.2016 - 21:05

Any way to wire the led tube to come on with the ignition rather than the parking lights the way the stock drls work on the elantra?

Fredrick Kent 19.11.2016 - 15:46

Nice video. However, i prefer the normal headlight since i now drive a hyundai i and it has projectors and they are really weak and useless on rainy or snowy conditions

Blackowlfly 21.11.2016 - 01:50

You guys make a set for camry?

Elmeronegro 21.11.2016 - 22:03

Will these work with a elantra?

Heartbreakid023 22.11.2016 - 11:10

What hid bulb fits thanks for all the info

Jonathan Hernandez 23.11.2016 - 01:31

Un saludo que valor tienen gracias

Luis Cando 24.11.2016 - 20:08

What happened to low beam bulb

Jonathan Hernandez 26.11.2016 - 10:11

Where can i buy these

Jonathan Hernandez 28.11.2016 - 06:06

You can do it without removing bumper

Serjio Sotnikov 29.11.2016 - 03:04

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