Регламент то форд эксплорер 2013

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yo video was not helpfull... 😐

Tee Guwop 06.11.2016 - 23:20

How about the 1998 explorer 5. 0 ?

SilkySlim 28.11.2016 - 15:39

I watched another video that was terrible before I found this one and unfortunately didn't find this one until it was too late. The other video didn't mention the hinge pins, and as a result I broke both of the plastic hinges on my glove compartment. Furious. This is a terrible design and the owners manual doesn't explain anywhere how to do it. This video is great, but the existence of the other one means there is a 5050 chance that DIY YouTubers will find the wrong one. Now I don't know if I have to replace the whole back of my glove compartment or if the plastic hinges are their own separate parts or even how to go about finding that out. Very frustrated.

flyauburn41 22.12.2016 - 02:56

Cabin filters ford f150 limited location

Melvin Rodriguez 17.01.2017 - 22:42

hello how to you change a cabin filter on a 1999 Chrysler. town country limited all wheel drive, 3. 8l engine?

Larry Sledge Jr 21.01.2017 - 15:27

how to do this on a 1996 ford explorer xlt 4. 0 4wd? please help me i think it is close to being clog or something is in it. how much for cabin filter for this vehicle plus a transmission filter and a fuel filter and oil filter.?

Larry Sledge Jr 01.02.2017 - 00:53

does a 01 ford f250 have a cabin filter? if so where?

Locindo Nava 25.02.2017 - 01:53

Is it the same for a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport?

Carlos Rivera 14.03.2017 - 10:14

I busted the tabs off the cover. Probably because it was cold out but nothing a little gorilla tape can't hold.

Josh Drews 24.03.2017 - 18:16

trying to find the location of my cabin air filter to change it 98 expedition. Help.

Bobby Reyes 22.04.2017 - 22:29

Is this the same for a 2011 Ranger?

Brian Cramer 28.04.2017 - 04:11

A worker at autozone hold me to remove the smell spray like Lysol in the ac inlet that will kill all bacteria and smell. Haven't try it. Was wondering if anyone his heard of that

Sam Santana 13.05.2017 - 13:53

13 Explorer the same??

highjumper205 27.05.2017 - 06:33

I got those pins out with a flat head screwdriver. The best thing to do is to have a dwarf do it for you.

Carlos Gaspar 10.06.2017 - 19:51

this is also applicable to 2015 model. however i recommend avoid trying to undo the right side locking hinge pin as there is a bar in the way blocking the lateral movement making it incredibly difficult. undoing the left side will give u more than enough space to switch out the filters. just be careful not to lean on the door as it will break.

Ryan Deeds 05.07.2017 - 20:07

My '13 Sport has those damn pins. I got one out, but can't get the other out. I've contorted myself every way possible to even be able to see it. Can't even get pliers or needles on it when I do see it. F'n Ford...

knightalumni 14.07.2017 - 20:55

Congrats to Ford engineers for making this job unbelievably difficult. The locking pin on the outside right side facing forward was ridiculously hard to get loose. I truly believe the idiots at Ford ought to be made to do all of these jobs to understand how to design... Thanks for the great video no sarcasm without it, I would have destroyed the glove box door. Thanks for helping us out here in do-it-yourself land

Joe Ricciardi 20.07.2017 - 08:52


محمد القحطاني 26.07.2017 - 10:54

I do not get a smell even if I change a filter. Please teach a way of the cleaning of the evaporator

KOUJI . K 04.08.2017 - 07:21

A little more difficult than my corolla. Thank you.

Julie Soule 03.09.2017 - 17:43

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Регламент то форд эксплорер 2013

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