Фильтры для adobe premiere pro cs6

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Rear wheel lock from downshifting? Also what bike is that?

Bigfooty2K 13.12.2016 - 05:52

The best way for me to look my riding to be times faster would be to ride faster, i suppose. Can i ask you something else? I love the sound of your video s. You use a handy recorder. Where do you put it to get these crazy sounds, without any wind noise? And is this device connected to the gopro or do you just edit everything together afterwards?

Frans Mommen 13.12.2016 - 23:10

So grateful for the many tests you ve shared! The hero allows ajustments of the shutter speed in the protune settings the minimum one being equal to the framerate used. I m not sure if using a nd helps lowering the shutter speed even more. I might try to see that later but for now, thanks to your video, i went for a nd blender to darken the skies that too often get blown out. I ve taken a tiffen. Nd blender but the effect isn t strong enough for a bright sunny day just stops. It s probably good for when it s overcast but a. Should be better when the sun is out.

Curve Ahead 14.12.2016 - 04:40

Mit welchen einstellungen nimmst du im protune modus auf p fps mit nd? Editierst du im nachgang noch die schrfe bzw. Machst colorgrading? Ich versuche schon lange mein videomaterial zu optimieren, aber gerade bei farbe und schrfe habe ich extreme probleme ich nehme aktuell alle nativen einstellungen der gopro und versuche in der post alles zu editieren leider meist ohne erfolg

Stegn 14.12.2016 - 15:51

Finally! Someone in the motovlogging game who s showing the differences of using different video resolutions and frame rates! I m a brit vlogging out in saudi arabia and i ve been using an nd or nd filter on my gopro since i started out here as it s always sunny and there s a lot of light reflected off the desert never thought about how that would influence the video in terms of shutter speeds etc. Though i m still learning. Now sub d too.

Davemurphyengineer 16.12.2016 - 00:48

Do u use gimbal on your helmet?

Praveen Saji 17.12.2016 - 18:46

I think you are able to set the shutter speed on the new gopro hero aren t you? Which settings would you recommend there? And is a nd filter still better?

Thetest 18.12.2016 - 15:37

Servus wollte fragen was fr einen filter du bei zb benutzt hast? Also nd oder nd? Danke dir schonmal fr die antwort

Bikebree 19.12.2016 - 07:12

Man so you were actually going at kph in other video. And that bike actually matched your riding skill. Lol

The Big Bang 20.12.2016 - 00:37

How much these nd filters cost?

Wrider 20.12.2016 - 12:19

What are u riding? This one from the video.

Ken Shi 20.12.2016 - 18:58

I always liked superview because it makes the edges of the road flow past more which gives a better sense of speed. I have a tough time calling which i like better though. Either p fps without filter or p fps with the filter. Fps gives a smoother picture which on youtube works better in my opinion youtube compression sucks when it comes to speed but fps with the nd filter is too dark for my taste. However i like the color balance of the nd filter at fps better compared to fps and no filter and you don t lose a lot of the smoothness at fps because the filter is on. In the end i guess either one works for me p

Hillclimbfan1990 21.12.2016 - 09:26

Nice video! Thanks d i think i likes the p fps, with nd best y

Ayzill 22.12.2016 - 13:37

At fps i might as well scroll through the pictures myself lol

Rensdw1 23.12.2016 - 16:50

I ve always hated that blurriness at the edges of the video though. My sony as v does it even at fps with no filter so it s horrible if you want to take any screen grabs and it gets even worse in the dark.

6Twisted 25.12.2016 - 14:12

Hat jemand eine idee wo es filter, oder adapter fr das gehuse einer hero gibt? Suche mich schon dumm und dmlich.

Semmel2K 27.12.2016 - 03:52

Thanks for the nd tip

Stergios B 27.12.2016 - 08:33

Ty for vid. I am filming with gopro and it looks so slow. I were wonder why my speed looks so slow everyone here like p fps superview wth nd filter but i am not sure. Fps looks faster. I think there should be some render option to make nd filter effect.

Rom Rom 28.12.2016 - 17:42

Ha tulln d bin aus zwentendorf. Lol

Niklas Bernegger 29.12.2016 - 22:26

Wow schaaf, thanks for the tips, just tried them this weekend and it really made a huge difference for my own ride video! Definitely. K fps superview with nd looks the best on your channel, keep on riding my friend.

Mr Braaptastic 30.12.2016 - 16:54

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